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The doom of Hell is bound for those intrigued by its aroma
Its rotting vapor emits from cemeteries and churches
And schools and family homes
The gyring flames take form of droning dirges
And make not music
But Satan Himself, for He is the greatest form of art
The world has ever known


released March 29, 2013

Everything by Brian Bennett.




Choose Death Miami, Florida

Sound experiements. Dark ambient, drone, noise, doom and black metal elements. Satanic in nature. Avant garde art more than music.

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Track Name: George
I enter the screaming cemetery
Smelling the dead, burning, rotting
I come here to be buried
I smell him coming

He will be buried with me
Track Name: At Djevelen Går til Kirken
"I do believe in God's guidance and overruling in my life, and I do believe there must have been a special purpose in bringing me here at this time. And I feel that in a sense God wants me to challenge you, the Christians of this nation, with what is implied Evangelistic outreach that's going to be taking place. I want see it though that in the long run, there may be a greater chance for you than for the unconverted..."